Words mean more than you think….

Words have a lot of power. They can either help or hurt a person. They can bring you up or bring you down. Always remember that your words have power, and you should always use them in a wise way. Many people just say to brush it off and forget about it when someone says something rude or mean to me, but that is hard as an autistic person as our brains focus on things like this. This is why it is so important to always make sure that you choose your words wisely and make sure tat they don’t hurt anyone. Because it wouldn’t feel good to you if someone said some nasty things back.

By choosing our words wisely, we can create better connections and have better relationships with others, and prevent ourselves from hurting others. Always make sure you think before you say something, and ask yourself if you would be happy if someone did the same thing back to you. If not, then maybe it isn’t a good thing to say.

Published by mboux2000

Autistic, disability advocate and blogger! On a mission to make the world a much better place

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