Closing off Christmas 2019

Well overall Christmas went fairly well. I handled my sensory stuff just fine, had no meltdowns and took breaks when necessary. I had a fun time overall, and I don’t have any complaints about it. I was worried the sensory issues would crop up due to loud noises and talking. But overall it was fine for the most part. Hope you all had a great Christmas too! Have a great night!

Have a great Holiday!

To all my followers and friends, wherever you are, whatever you celebrate, I hope you have a day filled with joy and happiness. You deserve to be happy. You deserve to have a wonderful day filled with friends and family who understand you.

For many of us with autism, the holidays are hard, but I’m going to do my best to manage, and take breaks when I need them. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

The holidays and autism

The holidays can be a difficult time for those of us with autism. The loud noises, socializing, family, it all can get overwhelming. I experience this every year. What I really do not like is when I am forced to socialize when I am simply not ready yet, or have been socializing for too long and need to take a break. That part is extremely frustrating. I can be a social person when I am given the chance to be social and allowed to do it on my own terms and when I am ready. If I am forced, it turns me off and makes it very difficult to do it and can force me into an autistic meltdown or shutdown.

The holidays can be a great time, but people just should understand that we cannot always socialize 100% of the time and sometimes need to simply be left alone for a bit to cool down, and then we can come back to socializing and be better off. The loud noises and people talking and laughing can also be very overwhelming for us. It’s extremely difficult to focus and process things when people are being very very loud. It can send us into autistic meltdown at times.

By simply allowing an autistic person to be themselves and take the time that they need, the holidays can be a great time for everyone.

We can make a difference- together

It is possible to make a difference in the world. Some people think that one person can’t start a movement, but that is absolutely false. One person may not be able to change the entire world, but a person can start a movement which will eventually change the world. We are the acceptance movement for different abilities. We can make a difference, you just have to simply believe that we can do so.

Making a positive difference in the world is not easy, especially with the current state of affairs. But it’s something that we can do if we try really really hard. I am a firm believer in the power of people and the power of community. There’s no doubt that we can do this, we just have to work hard for it. I believe we can eventually reach a world where all autistic people and people with other different abilities can be accepted for who they are. We need your help to do it though.

I have many special projects planned to make this world a better place, but I need your help. If you can even give $2 a month to my Patreon, which is less than the price of a cup of coffee, you could help create positive change for me and other autistic people everywhere!

All the best- Matthew.

Autism and Confidence

As an autistic person, I find it harder to gain and keep my confidence. A lot of the reasons for this are related to discrimination and people simply not understanding what it is like to be autistic. I have struggled with my self-image and confidence my entire life. It is something that I am working on improving so that I can become a more confident person over time.

This is not limited to just me either. Many people with autism have issues with their confidence and struggle to feel proud of themselves. A lot of this is because of society’s idea of what ” success ” is. Success is more than just fame and fortune and having a great job, but society doesn’t want you to believe that. Society is sadly centered around being famous and having a lot of material items. Society also thinks you should be shunned if you act any differently than what is considered ” normal “

Well, I am here to break those expectations and show that we can be great people and that we should be proud and confident!

A dream to make the world a better place

I have a dream to make the world a much better place for everyone with a different ability. I have a few advocacy projects in the works. I’m beginning to write an ebook, going to be consulting some people who may be able to help me create an app for people with autism and other different abilities. In addition, one of my main goals for someday in the future is to actually create a summer camp for kids and teens with autism and other neurological differences that will also employ adults and older teens with disabilities. However, that would cost a couple million dollars to do, so that is likely way in the future. It is possible it could be done though. That is why it is so important that people subscribe to my supporters group and Patreon, because it is the only way these projects will ever be able to come to fruition.

These projects can become a reality, but only with your help. The money raised from the Patreon and subscribers group is going to be saved to make these projects and dreams a reality. Think about the impact it could have for people, how it could have a huge positive impact on millions of lives.

Your support is greatly appreciated.

All the best – Matthew

Why the ” R’ Word is bad

The R word. One of the worst insults used throughout history to describe a person with a disability. The actual word is Retard. But we will describe it as the R word for the purposes of this article. It is an offensive slur used to denigrate a person with a disability. People like me used to be called this on a daily basis and even put in a mental institution. We’ve fortunately come a long way since then but there is still a significant amount of work to do. I still see this word thrown around on social media like crazy, it is just wrong and it needs to end. It implies that we are less valuable or less able than a ” normal ” person.

That is completely not true, a person with any condition/disability/different ability, however you want to put it, can be an amazing person and do amazing things. We just need to be given the chance to shine and show our true colors. When people degrade us by saying this word and many others, it not only hurts our feelings, but actually has an impact on our self image, and it is a form of bullying. It’s a problem that needs to be fixed as soon as possible. We need to combat the use of this atrocious word and create a world that accepts everybody for who they are.

Autism and bullying in the workplace

Autism and bullying is a big issue. People with autism are bullied at significantly higher rates than the general population. Those with autism are often bullied in the workplace. Finding a job is very difficult for many people with autism. but if we are successful in finding one, we are often bullied due to people not understanding our differences. This bullying can come from customers, co-workers, or even supervisors and managers. I’ve had a job before, a couple years ago, and I felt that people didn’t fully understand my differences and that was very very difficult for me. I actually ended up getting laid off and I am not sure if it was because of discrimination towards my differences.

People with autism can be great employees, but we need to be given a chance and not be bullied or discriminated against for our differences, because if we are, it can cause us to shut down and not be nearly as productive. The best way to help a person with autism be productive is to encourage them and support their differences. Unfortunately at this time I have still been unable to find another job since, which is why I want to do my own online business and subscription service.

All the best – Matthew

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Autism and bullying in schools

Bullying is an extremely common problem for people with autism. We are significantly more likely to be bullied than people in the general population. One of the most common places bullying occurs is in schools. I have read so many horror stories on Facebook of autistic kids being bullied at school. It truly is absolutely horrifying.

I think that schools absolutely need to take a much stronger stance on their non-bullying policies. Autistic kids deserve to be able to go to school and not be bullied. They deserve to feel safe, respected, and cared for. I was bullied in my younger school years and it really was difficult. I didn’t know what to do so it never really got better until I got into high school. That was when I finally made some friends. Although there was still some bullying, it wasn’t nearly as bad as in my younger school years.

Bullying needs to end now, and sometimes this bullying is not always from other kids, it can come from teachers and adults in the school too. There are a number of stories of extreme bullying from teachers and adults that work in the school, and even from other parents. It’s just awful and something that needs to change to help improve the safety of all autistic kids and kids with other different abilities.

The next post will discuss about autism and bullying in the workplace for teens and adults.