Stress and Exams

Hi all, with it being exam time at university right now I wanted to write a post on it. Exams are incredibly terrifying and stressful for those of us with autism. For me, my biggest fear is failing an exam, which has happened to me before, although most of the time I pass. I have my last exam today and then it is winter break for a few weeks. I will be writing the exam for biology today, and I am scared because I have had trouble studying due to my concentration issues. This is very common for people on the autism spectrum, and is not rare at all. I promise I will do my best, and hopefully come out with a decent grade. University is much different than high school for us, and I will write about this in a future post.

All the best – Matthew

Fan Subscription Promotion!

Just a reminder that we have a promotion for our Facebook Fan group subscription on until Christmas! If you sign up for a plan, you’ll receive the remainder of December free! We hope you take advantage of this promotion to get a few extra weeks of access to the group for free, because it is still technically in the testing period. The price may change in the future depending on demand and new features added, so we recommend you sign up now to get the best price possible!

All the best- Matthew

Those with autism deserve acceptance

One of my whole missions since I started my advocacy was to someday create worldwide acceptance for people with autism and all disabilities. We’ve made a lot of progress over the past several years, but there is still a lot of work to do. Matthew’s Autism Journey has touched the lives of millions of people since it began, spreading awareness and acceptance through Facebook and beyond.

I have even done speaking engagements at a mental health walk and in front of over a hundred people at an event celebrating differences. These are all noble causes, but it will take a lot more work still to create the acceptance that we all deserve. We are simply neurologically different, not any less than any other non-autistic person. We deserve to be treated properly and with respect. I will not ever stop fighting for our rights, and I hope that you will all join me in the fight for acceptance.

My goal is to build an army of people fighting for awareness and acceptance, because WE ARE STRONG IN NUMBERS! together we can do anything! I run this whole advocacy by myself, but plan on getting some moderators for the Facebook groups soon. However the vast majority of the work is done by me, and I am a student too, so I have a very busy life but I absolutely do my best. I am very excited for what the future holds for this advocacy and for all of us as autistic people.

All the best – Matthew

Introducing Fan Subscriptions!

I am excited to announce my latest project, Facebook Fan Group Subscriptions! This will be a way for people to support the work I do and receive something in return for it. If you purchase a membership, you’ll get access to my private fan group on Facebook. This group will include many additional benefits, including but not limited to

  1. Guaranteed response time to questions of 24 hours or less
  2. Exclusive content, posts, and videos just for subscribers
  3. An amazing setting for discussions between yourself and other subscribers, people that are passionate about autism and advocacy.
  4. A few other special surprises.

Pricing will be as follows. 1 month for $2.50, 3 months for $7, 6 months for $13, 12 months for $25. The longer subscription you buy, the more you are saving. You will be notified on Facebook shortly before your subscription expires.

We look forward to having you, and hope that people will take advantage of this great opportunity to learn more about autism. There may also be more benefits added in the future to the group. You can subscribe by clicking the ” support us ” tab on the top of my page.

All the best- Matthew

Why I chose to make a difference in the world

Back in mid-2016, I wanted to get involved in the autism community. The problem was that I didn’t know how I was going to do such a thing. I came across some autism Facebook pages and decided that I wanted to start my own! On October 1st 2016, Matthew’s Autism Journey was created! I remember when I first had 500 people follow my journey and how much it meant to me. Today, the page has grown to over 178,000 fans and the posts reach an average of 70K-100K people daily. The page has reached nearly 10 million people since its creation.

It doesn’t end with the Facebook Page though. I have now created this website, as well as an Instagram, both of which will begin to be regularly updated. I have MANY projects planned for the future as well. I would like to author a book eventually, although I am unsure exactly how I would start with this, and how I would attract the attention of a publisher. I would also like to create a Patreon in the future, as many content creators have, and provide exclusive content to my most loyal supporters.

As an autistic person, It has been exceptionally hard to find a job, so if I could somehow earn money from some of my content in the future it would be a huge help to me, do not worry though, Matthew’s Autism Journey social media accounts and blog will ALWAYS be 100% free. My idea of creating a Patreon for the future may just be to provide some extra exclusive content to those who are willing to support me.

It is not easy to be a content creator on the internet, it’s actually very very difficult. But I want to make a difference in the world and that will always be my main priority!

Stay tuned for more updates on my upcoming projects and please feel free to subscribe to the email list.

All the best- Matthew

Matthew’s Story

I was born on August 18th, 2000 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Early on my parents knew something was a little different about me. At the age of 2 I was diagnosed with Autism. We had to move across the country to Calgary, Alberta in order to get the therapy needed to ensure I would be able to speak and live a fairly normal life. I went to a place called the society for treatment of autism ( now called Husky Energy center for autism ) and they worked with me for 4 years. At age 6 I graduated the program and we moved back to Winnipeg.

My elementary school years were a mixed experience. There was some bullying, but most people were decent. I had some friends, but not a ton. When I moved on to middle school things became worse. There was bullying, name calling, and I had no friends. The social cues and social norms changed so much as we entered our teenage years and I couldn’t keep up. However, when I entered high school things became better again, and as I progressed through high school things continued to get better. I had some friends, People knew who I was, and I felt more connected than ever before.

I graduated high school in June 2018 and since then, have moved on to university. This has been a real struggle. The classes are harder, and once again I have no friends as an adult. This is something I hope will change eventually, but for now, its very very tough. I want to pursue a degree that is going to lead me to a career where I can help people on a daily basis. This blog update will be posted on the Facebook page, and I encourage you to share with your friends on Facebook. Next update will come soon. Thank you.